Lightning Autofill Freemium Notice

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From free to freemium

Lightning Autofill v12 has a ton of improvements as well as being on the more secure and future-proof Manifest V3 (MV3) browser extensions platform. However, with this major update Lightning Autofill has also shifted to a freemium service. After years of being completely free, this was the only way forward for the continued development of Lightning Autofill.

We understand this may be unexpected for our loyal users, but by embracing freemium we can introduce new features and provide support for an even better user experience. We remain committed to your privacy, so Lightning Autofill continues to have no tracking whatsoever. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support as we embark on this exciting new chapter with Lightning Autofill. 🙏

Breaking changes for existing users

The change to the freemium model brings about a few changes that would be considered “breaking changes” for existing users. These changes are outlined below.

To get the most out of Lightning Autofill, please consider subscribing.